A dental crown or cap is a tooth shaped restoration that is custom made to fit over one of your existing teeth or a dental implant.

  • Protect weak and cracked teeth
  • Protect and repair broken and badly decayed teeth
  • Be placed over an implant to replace missing teeth
  • Cover misshapen and discolored teeth
  • Protect teeth that have had a root canal
There are several types of crowns including all porcelain,
porcelain fused to metal and all metal crowns. If a crown is needed we will take
the time to discuss each type and help you decide which crown is best for your
Making a crown typically requires two appointments. The first
appointment involves shaping and reducing the size of the tooth to create space
for the crown. An impression is then taken and a temporary crown is made and
cemented. The second visit is shorter than the first and involves removing the
temporary crown, ensuring proper fit and permanently cementing your new crown
in place.