When you visit our office for check-up appointments one part of the examination will be to check your teeth for cavities. If you have a cavity a filling will be recommended to remove the decayed tooth structure and restore the tooth back to its proper form and function.

Replace lost tooth structure and restore the tooth back to its proper form and function
The most common types of fillings are Resin (white) fillings or Amalgam (silver) fillings, although in some cases porcelain and gold is also used.

  1.  Resin: Resin fillings can provide a strong and esthetic restoration for both front and back teeth. Their ability to bond to tooth structure allows for a more conservative preparation and filling. Resin fillings also come in a wide variety of shades designed to match the color of your teeth.
  2. Amalgam: Although amalgam fillings are becoming less common they are still useful in many situations. Dental amalgam has been used for over 150 years and provides a strong, long lasting filling that is less expensive than other alternatives.
When you have a cavity we will discuss the types of fillings available and help you choose which type of restoration is best for you. During the procedure the decayed tooth structure will be carefully removed and the tooth filled in with the material of your choice. After a dental filling it is not uncommon to experience some minor discomfort during the first weeks. Typically this discomfort will go away but if the feeling persists or you experience any significant discomfort please let us know.